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OCTOBER 29, 2021 · Written by Anthony Patrickson


Keratin and collagen are the two stars of the show when it comes to skin, hair and nail health. They’re a protein based double act that fight the evil ageing process with some mighty force. Considering our outer layer of skin is made of keratin. Nails are made of keratin. Hair is made of keratin. It makes complete sense to support your body with this powerful protein!

Unfortunately, keratin and collagen levels start to deteriorate as we get older so the need to assist our bodies by providing more keratin which actually promotes collagen production, is vital! When we created the formula for Kiri-Glow we knew these two warriors combining force in two small capsules to be taken daily, would really supercharge the body’s battle against time, ageing and tautness.

Take a look at your hands. There you can see keratin hard at work, fighting the good fight against the on-going battle of ageing. This ongoing fight is fought on the battleground of the dermis (lower layer of our skin) which is the nutrient bed for the epidermis (outer layer of skin). Excuse us while we go put our lab jackets on, it might get a little sciency in here, but it’s important information that will help shape your ideas of skin, hair and nail health.


Dermis and Epidermis
The dermis is made up of elastic like fibres composed of collagen amongst other things, whose key role is to keep the skin taught. Over time our bodies need, shall we say ‘assistance’, in keeping this function operative. The dermis is the hard working support layer of our skin and feeds the epidermis. The epidermis receives the building blocks it needs from the dermis via diffusion which means we need to supply the correct nutrients to the dermis, so it can feed the epidermis on the outside! We hope that makes sense...
So basically, feeding our dermis with keratin and collagen supplements is the equivalent of giving a plant nutritious soil from which to grow. Consider this for a moment...we need to look after our skin like we look after our favourite house-plants!
Keratin and collagen supplements are the healthy, nutritious soil that our skin, hair and nails need to thrive. 


Confidence from the inside out.
Even our hair follicles which we see on the outside of our body, are anchored firmly inside, in the dermis. Many topical keratin products are available on the market today but as your hair is essentially dead once it leaves the follicle, its the equivalent of rubbing healthy soil on a dead tree hoping it will soon flourish!


Ok, that was a slight exaggeration! Many of these products have great benefits, and do provide health assistance from the outside, our approach to improving skin, hair and nail health is very much inside out and in conjunction with topical, self-care routines your body will thank you for the support. Feed the dermis and it will thank you!! 

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