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OCTOBER 1, 2021 · Written by Andrea Caravan


The key active ingredient in our Kiri10 product range, Kiri-Glow and Kiri-Flow, is keraGEN-IV™, which is a digestible, Functional Keratin®. Keratin is a structural protein made up of various amino acids that the body uses as a building block for healthy cells throughout the body, including hair, nail, skin, joints and muscles.

One important amino acid in keratin is cysteine, which forms strong bonds that enhance the strength and thickness of hair [1, 2]. In addition, healthy levels of keratin support the growth of strong hair follicles that anchor deeply into the scalp[3]. The keraGEN-IV™ in Kiri-Glow may also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promotes tight, vibrant skin by protecting cells that create the outer layer of the skin[1-3].


Maintaining optimal levels of this protein helps form several strong layers of keratin that make the nails hard. Furthermore, keratin protects cells from oxidative stress and supports the proper balance of amino acids (e.g. glutathione and taurine) that nourish the hair, skin, and nails.


However, if the outermost layer of keratin becomes damaged due to environmental toxins or pollutants (e.g. harsh cosmetics, allergens etc.), the hair, skin, and nails begin to look flaky and unhealthy. Kiri-Glow supports the health of supple skin, luxurious hair, and strong nails by providing an excellent source of key building blocks and nutrients.


The digestible form of Functional Keratin® (keraGEN-IV™) in Kiri-Flow also supports joint health by enhancing the body’s natural ability to use amino acids for the production of structural proteins that play a major role in the healing process. Healthy levels of keratin support the natural protection of joint tissue from stress-induced damage [4]. In particular, keratin supports taurine activity, which may improve anti-inflammatory responses and natural wound healing. Additionally, taking keratin regularly heightens the activity of glutathione and this subsequently combats oxidative stress while targeting inflammation [4].


The body also needs to quickly produce collagen in response to a tissue injury or stress-induced damage. Supporting the body’s production of collagen is one of the key factors that reduces the risk of long-term muscle or joint damage as well as mobility issues. Kiri-Flow influences amino acid activity (e.g., taurine and glutathione) and collagen production. Thereby disrupting inflammatory agents that worsen muscle or joint problems. These powerful nutrients also promote the detoxification of free radicals that can further damage tissue and lead to pain or stiffness [5]. Overall, supplementing the diet with digestible functional keratin supports biological processes that support mobility and protection by speeding up natural healing pathways.


The keraGEN-IV™ uses patented Functional Keratin® technology, which ensures that this powerful protein remains intact during the manufacturing process. The complete keratin protein is collected from the wool of New Zealand sheep that are raised on single family farms, which guarantees purity, premium quality and long-term benefits.

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